Remuneration policy guidelines

The LTG Group Remuneration Policy aims to provide long-term, employee well-being solutions to ensure the achievement of the strategic directions:

  • offer a competitive remuneration package to attract and retain competent employees;
  • ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination in employee performance appraisal and remuneration;
  • ensure internal fairness in the remuneration of similar or same value-creating work;
  • increase engagement;
  • encourage employees’ development,
  • ensure transparency and responsible management approach;
  • effective personnel cost management and increasing shareholder value.

The LTG Group has established a job mapping (job structure) of all active job positions and uniform salary review principles:

  • job position evaluation using the internationally accepted job evaluation methodology;
  • comparison of LTG companies remuneration data with market information;
  • annual performance appraisal of all LTG Group employees.

Remuneration components, remuneration management principles and the decision-making matrix applied in the LTG Group are provided in the Remuneration Policy.

The remuneration of the Head of the Company consists of a basic salary as specified in the employment contract and an incentive for annual performance results. This annual incentive is linked to the achievement of the LTG Group's annual goals approved by the Board (60%), the achievement of the Company's annual goals (30%) and the achievement of team leadership and personal objectives (10%). Each year, the Board of Directors approves the structure, thresholds, and weightings of the annual goals and, at the end of the year, approves the results of the achievement of these goals and the value of the annual incentive. The maximum annual incentive opportunity may not exceed 30% of the annual basic salary.

The LTG Group remuneration principles are transparent and apply equally to all employees, regardless of their gender or other aspects of their individual identity.

The number of employees and average salary by job position group are publicly available. Comparison of average salary by gender is also provided.