Strategy and Results

LTG Infra develops a resident, business and environment-friendly railway infrastructure, ensuring safe connections for a better future. 

In carrying out its activities, LTG Infra develops its activities in six strategic directions: Infrastructure for seamless movement, Operational excellence, Business development, Green deal, Safety first, Strong organizational culture. Strategic directions have been selected taking into account global trends, analysis of internal and external factors and the competitive environment.  

Following the implementation of the strategy, LTG Infra will create and expand new high-quality railway infrastructure that best meets the needs of people, business and the state. LTG Infra will also contribute to the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to achieve net zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050. 

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Connecting people and businesses for more sustainable future 

Vision: being a backbone of the transport system 

Values are the foundation of our success and culture 


I do what I say.  
I promise what I can do.  
I protect myself and others.
I make a bold commitment.
I care about the future. 


I can hear the customer.
I understand needs.
I deliver quality. 


Working together for a common goal. 
I communicate openly.
I respect and support.


I am interested in innovation.
I share knowledge and experience.  
I grow and change directionally. 


LTG Infra activity results

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LTG Group’s Corporate Sustainability Report

LTG Group 2022 years Sustainability report is integrated into Annual Report (page 74)

LTG Group’s Corporate Sustainability Report