Information on public procurement of AB LTG Infra

Public procurement shall be guided by the approved Procurement Policy of AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai Group and other approved documents, which are available at this link .

In the signed contracts for the supply (provision) of services, works, goods, suppliers (providers) are required to comply with the Code of Conduct of the Supplier of the AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai Group of Companies. 

Other relevant information

LTG Infra Conference for market players 

The strategic directions and investments of AB LTG Infra for 2023 were presented to market participants at the annual conference of AB LTG Infra on 28 February 2023. 

The Conference themes: 

  • Opportunities and prospects for the development of the LTG Infra network 
  • Procurement of investment projects 
  • Rail Baltica project implementation progress 
  • Public procurement – what matters to those involved? 
  • Legal challenges in contractual matters 
  • GELPA activities and achievements 
  • Discussion: While waiting for large infrastructure projects: will Lithuania have enough qualified engineers? 

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