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Services operated on a commercial basis

The Company provides services of maintenance and repair of facilities, short- erm lease of special rolling stock, wagons and vehicles, lease of long tracks transportation train set, inspection of nodes and tracks, maintenance of automation, communication and power supply equipment, marking of underground routes, inspection and calibration of measuring instruments, lease of measurement and control equipment, and provision of communication services, services of lease of objects of public railway infrastructure (structures and parts of land plots). Services of intermodal terminals: in addition to the main intermodal handling service for intermodal transport units, the LGI Infra-controlled intermodal terminals provide a number of additional services, such as handling of containers carried by road only, weighing services, transportation inside the territory of the terminal, services of the representatives of the Customs Broker (transferred to LTG Cargo since autumn) and handling of cargo on pallets, which is very frequently requested by our customers, and cargo storage in covered warehouses. 

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