About LTG Infra

AB LTG Infra is responsible for the Lithuania's railway network infrastructure, safety, modernization, and development. In order to ensure the best conditions for passenger and freight transportation, we are developing and maintaining a reliable and efficient infrastructure with the help of numerous employees who diligently perform their duties on a daily basis. There are currently operated 1,767 km of railroads. 

Modernization and development of rail infrastructure is an essential precondition for successful performance within the European railway system. Priority is given to renovation and upgrading of the rail infrastructure in international transport corridors, mostly focusing on assurance of technical interaction of Lithuanian and European railways, on meeting the today's safety and environmental requirements, on increase of railway load and trains speed, and on promotion of combined shipments. In order to create better conditions for effective operation of rail roads, we are expanding rail and upgrade the railway infrastructure, by taking advantage of the European Structural and Investment Funds' support. 

Our goal is to ensure a continuous and convenient traffic by using the latest communication and alarm technologies, increasing line capacity, train speed, and the permitted axle load, as well as by implementing infrastructure modernization projects that directly determine the attractiveness of rail infrastructure network.